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Refer a Friend to Join IEEE

Complete the information below to refer a friend or colleague to join IEEE. Those who join now, gain immediate access to their benefits and won't have to renew until the 2019 membership year. Plus, as gift, you are entitled to receive a piece of IEEE-USA merchandise.  Here's how it works:

  • After you submit the form below, your referral receives an automated e-mail inviting them to join.
  • When they join, they must indicate your member number as the referral source (this is how we track your eligibility for MGM awards as well as this special IEEE-USA merchandise offer).
  • After they join, within 1-2 weeks, you will receive an e-mail confirming your recruiting success. 
  • Follow the link in that e-mail to pick out your IEEE-USA merchandise item! You will receive a separate e-mail for each successful new recruit.
  • There is no limit to the number of merchandise items you can earn, as long as your referrals join as professional members (new students, graduate students or IEEE Society afiliates aren’t eligible).
  • You remain eligible for the standard MGM incentive awards given out once per year in September.

The items you can choose from include:
  • Tablet case
  • Golf umbrella
  • Portable speaker
  • Parker pen and mechanical pencil set
  • Parker ballpoint pen
  • Golf balls
  • Baseball hat


Enter Your Referral Information

The information below will be used to send an e-mail to the person your are referring. All fields are required in order for the e-mail to be sent to your referral. Need assistance? E-mail us.

Submit Your Referral Information

By submitting this form, you are allowing IEEE to send this individual an e-mail on your behalf inviting them to join IEEE. Your message will include your name and member number as entered above. Without a valid member number, we will be unable to track your referral. Have a question or need assistance? E-mail us.